Sidebar v6.4.3 + dhtmlxGrid v5.2.0 loadXML Error


In dhtmlx Sidebar 6.4.3, use the function dhtmlxGrid 5.2.0 gridArea.loadXml().

ex) gridArea.loadXML(${root}+xmlFileName);


load:function(url, call, type){

this.xmlLoader = function(xml){
(! Event) returns;
if (!that.callEvent) return;

if (!that._contextCallTimer)
that.callEvent("onXLE", [that,0,0,xml.xmlDoc,type]);

if (call){

The grid contents are not loaded without this function being executed.

but dhtmlxGrid 5.2.0 version gridArea.loadXML (${root}+xmlFileName) without sidebar 6.4.3 version;
The content comes out well normally.

What’s the solution?


Since version 4.0 the methods loadXML() and loadXMLString() are replaced by the methods load() and loadStruct() .

The same method is used in the latest 7.0 version of the dhtmlxSuite.
So usage of these packages in parallel causes conflict. The only solution is to include the sources of a new dhtmlxSuite using the import / require as it is umd package. In this case, both libraries should work in a single application, or please, try to avolid the usage of several application builds together.