Simple html page


I want to create a simple html page by using dhtmlx. I could find any proper information about it because in this forum is all about grid.

Here is my dhtmlx code:

Icons : function() { ICNS = App.Window("Icons", 600, 900); ICNS.setModal(true); ICNS.attachEvent("onClose", function(){ICNS.delete; return true;}); }

and this is what i want to add in to my page.



How can it add that html code into dhtmlx object?

problem solved.

Okay, this is weird.
I solved my problem but page is much bigger than screen so naturally i want to show scroll bar on right side of Window.

Based on my code which in first post how can i add scroll bar into window?

Forget it. i solved that too

That’s good :slight_smile: