Simple XML Error

Hi There, I was hoping that someone could help the the following XML issue.

We would like to use this component in our product, but we are getting unexpected results from our XML. I’ve been debugging for the last few hours and can’t see anything wrong with the XML

here is the XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>Project Management2011,07,2556859User Story Review2011,07,258100WIP Review2011,09,078100WIP Review2011,10,038100

the error we are getting is:

Reduce EST of parent task (a073000000MZfQRAA1) or increase EST of child task (a063000000GLIDyAAP)

Whic doesn’t really make sense as the child task isn’t near the beginning or end of the parent task. With this task removed, the Gantt loads successfully.

We have other projects running using the same script OK, so can’t see any pattern in the failure.

Any advice, or a steer in the right direction would be appreciated!



Hi There

Looks as though the problem is the date formatting leading 0’s need to be removed from all dates.