Simultaneously displayed views

Hi all,

New to dhtmlxScheduler, awesome work!

I’m considering using it for my application, where I have the following requirement. I want to display on the left of the page a custom month view and on the right of the page a day view. So when you click on a day the month view remains as it is (does not switch to day view) and the corresponding day events appear on the right day view.

Is that possible with dhtmlxScheduler? Do I have to use multiple instances (which I believe is not supported unless using iframes) or it can be done otherwise?


I have found something similar in the /samples/05_calendar/04_layout.html example, where a minical is displayed on the left and the scheduler on the right is updated accordingly when you click on a day. I’m investigating this, but anybody things it is possible to use a custom month view instead of the minical this way?


Unfortunately there is no way to show two views of the scheduler in the same time.

Thanks for your reply. Do you reckon it would be possible to have a second scheduler within an iframe and control it with javascript events triggered from the first scheduler? Although this might get a bit complex as you would want to do the same from the second frame to the first …

Have two scheduler’s in iframes must be relative easy - there are events for current date changes, so syncing them must not be the problem.
But if you plan to edit|add events - it may be a bit more tricky, as you will need to handle onEventAdded, onEventChanged calls and sync event data between schedulers ( still solvable with public API and events )

Yeah, I would want to add/edit events. But it looks doable, so I’ll give it a try.