single click edit in grid conflicts when multiselect enabled

When Grid is enabled to work in multi-selection mode and single click edit is applied, There is inconsistency with ctrl+click. Please find steps to reproduce


  1. select row no 1 by clicking any one of the cell
  2. press CTRL key and click on any editable cell in the row no 2
    now Row No 2 is selected and cell is opened for editing the value
  3. press CTRL key and click on any non-editable cell in the same row no 2
    now Row 2 gets deselected and that previously opened edittable cell is still opened, we noticed that it trigerred stage 2 onEditCell event and then it triggered stage 0, 1 onEditcell event after that.

This cause our application work in different direction in this particular scenario and we identified this peculiar scenario as production bug recently and we dont want to change given options( single click by edit and multiselection) as user were adapted to this functionality.

Please suggest some solution to resolve this issue. we had studied DHTMLX doclick internal function and understand that it was written in very generic way to handle selection/unselection with/ without multiselect mode enabled.
we figured out that this.cell object is not getting modified during un-selection in multiselection mode. we dont want make judgement by ourself. Please suggest some better solution to handle this. thank you

I apologize for the delay.

Your issue is confirmed.
We’re working on it.

Your issue is fixed.
Please, open ticket at to get the fixed version.