Single date time editor

Is there a lightbox editor option that displays just one datetime as opposed to start AND end dates?

Nope, but you can try to use

scheduler.config.auto_end_date = true;

Thanks. That doesn’t really help for my particular circumstance. But not a problem, I created a custom section and am fine.

But while on the topic: Auto end date would be much more helpful if it preserved event duration. Your documentation says that the default duration is always 60 minutes. That is ok for a new event. But if I have an event that is 90 minutes long andI want to change its start time, I would like the end time to automatically preserve the 90 minute duration.

scheduler.config.auto_end_date - {boolean} if set to true - when you change start event time or date, the end event time and date will be changed automatically in order to make the event duration value 60 minutes

There is a pair setting

scheduler.config.event_duration = 90;

after that it will fix event length to 90 minutes ( you can set it to 24*60 to create a day_length events )

It may be still not ideal, but gives more sense for auto_end_date

Thanks, I didn’t know about the duration property.

A boolean called something like scheduler.preserve_duration might be very helpful.