Single day event ending at midnight

Let’s say there’s an event that begins at 22:00 and ends at 00:00. Can I make it act like a one day event?
Now it’s not very intuitive, because if it’s for example 22:00-23:55, it will be shown where I want it, and those extra 5 minutes will make it a multiday event and the best I can get in that case is showing it on the top, when config.multi_day is enabled.
I tried to dig into the code and change something in the dragging implementation or in code that handles event updates, but I can’t get the desired result.

If you have event which starts at 22:00 and ends at 00:00 of tomorrow - it still must be rendered as normal event ( not as multiday). if It ends in 00:01 - it will be counted as multi-day

Which version of scheduler you are using ( prior version 2.2 similar problem can occurs )

I’m not really sure which version it is. I took the files from the link to PHP sample that I found here: … _platforms
But then it turned out images are from different version, and I replaced some files with those from the default download package.
I actually found a workaround for my problem, I added code like this to this.attachEvent(“onEventChanged” …):

var ev = this.getEvent(id); if(ev.end_date.getHours() == 0 && ev.end_date.getMinutes() == 0) { ev.end_date.setTime(ev.end_date.getTime() - 60000); } else if(ev.end_date.getMinutes() % 5 !== 0) { ev.end_date.setTime(ev.end_date.getTime() + 60000); }

It changes the hour to 23:59. For now it’ll be fine, but if you say the newest version will do exactly what I want, then I’ll try to integrate it into my project. Thanks!

Version 2.2 must work for sure ( and sample with php most probably was build with 2.1 )
You can try to update dhtmlxscheduler.js with one from latest version ( they are backward compatible , so there must not be any problems )

Thanks, I updated my project with the newest scheduler version and it works as intended.