Single event update very slow with many sections and events

Good morning,
I have a scheduler in TimelineView mode which contains about a hundred sections and, in each section, dozens of events.
Every time I edit an event, I have to wait several seconds before the browser displays the update, which makes the system virtually unusable.
I believe that delay is due to the chain of events that also updates the scheduler components not affected by the change of a single event.
Is there a solution to prevent the scheduler performs a full upgrade or perhaps to limit the update to the only visible part?
Any other solution is appreciated.
Thank you.

a Timeline can be quite slow when contain a lot of data, each update currently requires a complete redraw of data in order to recalculate the mutual positions of the events.
However, the time of several seconds seems to big for such configuration.
Probably there are some code that triggers the redraw of the calendar

As a quick fix - try enabling this config, it should reduce number of redraws … onfig.html

If nothing helps - please give a link to the page, so we could check

Yes, it works!
Great, many thanks.