Size of cell in Accordion

Hello everybody,

In Accordion 3.5 the size of the cell is set to 100px.
I Try to set another value and don´t work!


Try to replace your dhtmlxaccordion.js with attached file
dhtmlxaccordion.rar (5.15 KB)

Hello Daria.

Didn´t work! :frowning:

I saw that´s the same object.

Attach a working sample in 3.5 version to you.
Just try it :slight_smile:
sample_acc.rar (293 KB)

Hello Daria!
Didn´t work again.

I think that´s a bug in version 3.5 of the accordion.

following images and the object accordion.js version 3.0.

dhtmlxaccordion.rar (4.33 KB)

We can’t reproduce it localy.
Please MAKE SURE you’ve updated files attached above.
If so - provide us OS/Browser version.

I had this problem as well. I downloaded the dhtmlxAccordion script provided above, but it did not fix it.

Stepping through the code, I found the problem:

if (!isNaN(b)) return;

In the above, b is the desired height, which is numeric. The exclamation point should not be there (the effect is a double negative; the script bails out if b is not-not-a-number)

I changed it to the following and it works now:

if (isNaN(b)) return;