Size of combo

I use combo box and input box to set in a form.

I change the size of the items. Form defalut change to 10 px.


After that, the input box can change the size according to font size.
But the combo box does not change the size according to font size.

I want to ask I can change the combo szie.

The attached screen file which is show the problem in size.

You need to apply some CSS for the combo:

.dhx_combo_box { height: 17px; } .dhx_combo_img { height: 17px; width: 15px; } .dhx_combo_input { height: 15px; font-size: 10pt; text-align: left; } .dhx_combo_list.dhx_skyblue_list { text-align: center; } .dhx_combo_list { text-align: center; }
Variate the nubbers as you need.


I understand your code. But I want to ask how to perform the code ?
Or the code add where in the programme ?

Thanks for your help !


You can do it only with CSS