Size of subgrid with footer


I’m getting a presentation error when using a subgrid with a footer calculating column totals. When expanding the main grid row and thereby loading the subgrid the footer is placed on top of next line in the main grid.

The same error also occurs when adding a new line to the subgrid using javascript. The next line of the main grid is covered by the footer.

It looks like the height of the subgrid is excluding the footer.

I’m using professional version 2.1 build 90226

This bug was confirmed and fixed. Fixed file will be send you by e-mail

Thanks, The fix works fine.

// Göran

Can you please send this fix to me as well, I am seeing the same issue where the footer is appearing over the last row in the subgrid,


Fix already included in latest version (2.5), which must not have such issue

I’m using version dhtmlxSuite_v25_pro_91111 and the issue appears to still be there but only on Firefox, it appears ok in IE. In Firefox for me the footer is displayed over the last row on the sub grid. In addition the columns do not line up correctly until the columns of the subgrid

Locally the problem wasn’t reproduced. Please contact provide the sample where it can be recreated to