Sizing in scheduler.


  1. Is it possible to somehow limit the height of the multi-day event bar to say 200px and make it scroll down by setting the overflow property. I tried changing these in the css class “dhx_multi_day”, but it does not take any effect. Is there anything we can do from additional javascript code added at the page?

  2. When using the expander plugin, the rows in the timeline are too close together, when I tried to set the width manually to 1800px instead of the default 100%, the scroll does not appear. I have set the element to “overflow:auto”. Is there anything that can be done on this? I have attached the screenshot of this as well.



  1. event_dy: 200
    Were you looking for that?

  2. Is expander plugin really related? Please try removing it, is something different?
    In general Scheduler doesn’t support horizontal scrolling. What you can though is to wrap scheduler container in another div with normal width and then set huge width to scheduler itself. This way your new wrapper will have horizontal scroll.


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For the first question, I was looking at the height of the multi-day event bar. If there are many multi day events, this section will eat up a lot of space. I was checking if there is any way to limit the height of the multi-day event bar. Currently, the multi day events cover the entire screen, and I was exploring a way to limit the height so that the other events are displayed without scrollong.


Currently it’s not possible but it’s a good idea, we will look into it.

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