skin Terrace and Timeline mode


I have some questions, I have tried to find the answers in the documentation and forum (but I might have missed or not understood).

I’m testing the skin Terrace for my scheduler.

  1. When I’m adding the MiniCalendar (scheduler.Calendars.AttachMiniCalendar()), the button is placed under the “Units” button. It’s placed properly if I’m using some other skin. What is the best solution for this?

  2. How do I change the color for the text in the first column (in this case Room #1)

  3. How do I change the names for the buttons Units and Timeline. I’m using Swedish as the language - SchedulerLocalization.Localizations.Swedish.
    But those two buttons aren’t translated. (The example picture is not my application, for this picture I just changed one example of yours).

Thanks Patrik

1)Icon position can be changed with css:
left:280px !important;

2)I’d suggest doing it with client-side event_class template: … _to_events

3)labels can be changed manually:
var timeline = new TimelineView(“timeline”, “room_id”);
timeline.Label = “label”;

Thanks for the help, I got sick so I couldn’t try this before today.