skinbuilder css ignores color and textcolor values from XML

I’ve used skinbuilder to generate a number of css skins for scheduler. But when using the skins called “glossy” the values from my event XML are ignored. The value works but not the background color on glossy skins.

They work as intended with the default dhtmlxscheduler.css (but the default dhtmlxscheduler_glossy.css also ignores )

How can I edit the skinbuilder css for the “glossy” skins to make them use the color tags from the XML? I’ve tried removing the background tags on some places but failed to get it to work.

Meh. Me not paying attention. The glossy css use an event-bg.png image as background.

I removed “background-image:url(imgs_glossy/event-bg.png)” from .dhx_cal_event_line in the css and it works for glossy now as well.