skins other than blue/black

In the documentation I saw that other skins are available for use such as modern_red (may have said can be downloaded) and that a document was forthcoming. I cannot now find where I saw this. How do I change my layout skin to say modern_red?

Unfortunately, layout supports only two skins: dhx_blue and dhx_black. Layout doesn’t provide any other skins.

dhtmlxWindows has modern_red skin. This skin is included into windows package.

I’m a little suprized at such a big restriction on a product that is for sale. Also why are other  dhtmx components available with different skins? Am I missing something obvoius ie if my website is to be branded other than blue/black what can I do?  Do I not use dhtmlxLayout? I want use this as it has many advantages ie “easily resize interface elements, collapse or expand them”. Is it that I can create a new skin - is it just a case of changing the colours in a few gifs?


Unfortunately Layout doesn’t provide any other skins.

Custom skin can be done by additional fee. If you are interested, please contact us at

Its ok thanks I just wanted a colour change and  I’ve acheived that by changing one png file and the background/border color in a css file.