Is it now possible to get ALL skins in a single dhtmlx zip file. I have the pro version wich have 3 zips. dhtmlx_pro_full, dhtmlx_pro_full_terrace_skin and dhtmlx_pro_full_web_skin.

Is the two new skins(web and terrace) included in the dhtmlx_pro_full zip file? If not, why?

Each compiled file contains only a single skin.
Major skins ( skyblue, web, terrace ) was created to be used in solo mode, mixing two skins while technically possible, may provide not expected visual results.

Yes, and again thank you Stan(I contacted you trough a support ticket with the same question). You may close this thread if this is normal procedure.

I actually have another question.

Is it possible to set default skin somewhere? So it’s not dhx_skyblue anymore? = "skin_name";

it will be used as default skin for all components.

where am I supposed to put that snippet of code?


anywhere before component initialization