Slash being added in event name

If you go to this page, and go to the 24th October -

There’s an event called Let’s Do Lunch.
When I save it though, it changes the name to Let’s Do Lunch.
This isn’t visible until you refresh the page though.

Is this something in your system that does this, or is this a problem with some of my code?


this issue does not occurs with our samples, check the demo … abase.html

So there must be something in your code. Do you process values before inserting data into the db somehow, or before output to the client?

I don’t do any processing as far as I know.
I’ve looked through all of the files, and can’t find any functions like ‘addslashes’ or ‘escape’ in my code.

Also, it’s definitely done before saving in the database, as if I check the database, it contains the slash. However, when I echo the title in the onEventSave function, it’s still pre-slash insertion.
What happens in between onEventSave and the actual saving to the database?

Be sure that “Magic Quotes” are disabled in the php.ini

I tried setting it to be off, but that didn’t seem to make a difference to the functioning of the site.

The php code of connector do use db level data escaping. It must not cause problems on its own.
On other hand, the same problem as in your case, was reported multiple times and in all cases it was related to Magic Quotes feature

There are few options in php ini which control Magic Quotes - try to disable them all … abling.php

Unfortunately it still doesn’t work. :frowning:

You have changed php.ini, restarted the server and issue still occurs ?
From past experience the magic quotes is the only thing which can cause the above described effect.

Turns out there was a problem with the server not updating the PHP.ini files.
I’ve fixed that now, and the problem has been fixed.