Slider - doesn't appear from css changes


I have multiple slider input elements on my site, each embedded within a form which is in a different div. I am setting the style for one of those div’s to be display:inline, while the others are all display:none (think tabbed view). I am using js to change the div’s to inline and the others to none. The problem is for the div which starts off as display:inline, the slider input element works fine. But for all other sliders which are embedded in a div that starts off as display:none (when the page loaded), the sliders don’t appear when the div containing it has its css style changed to display:inline. As a test, I put display:inline for those div’s that start with display:none and everything appears to work fine. Any ideas why this would be? Am I doing something wrong?


Hi, anyone seen this before? Anyone here? :slight_smile:


Please, provide a sample of your code to reconstruct the issue