Slider event onSlideEnd does not happen if the handle jumps

There is a bug in slider event handling in onSlideEnd event.
If you just click slider outside the silder handle, the hadle jumps to that location, but DOES NOT RAISE onSlideEnd event. It only raises onChange event.
Event onSlideEnd should raise also when hadle jumps to new location and mouse is released and handle value changes.

It is not a bug. Please see description for events: … t_handling

I can argue with you about that. Documentation says “onSlideEnd Event - occurs when slider’s movement ends”. If I jump the handle without touching the handle itself, the handle definitely moves (by jumping) and this movement ends. That should raise the onSlideEnd event.
If documentation should say “… -occurs when sliders sliding movement ends”, then you would be right.
I am still saying it is a bug! :open_mouth:

We won’t change onSlideEnd event.

How come I can not use “onSlideEnd” , it does not function as I do this

slider1b.attachEvent(“onSlideEnd”, function(sliderValue) {


We need your completed demo to be convinced that there is an issue. … leted_demo
Locally everything works fine

I am having the same problem.

In my case, I do not want to use the “OnChange” event because I do not want any action taken until the user releases the mouse button, because my page will reload based on the outcome. The “OnSlideEnd” is only fired if the user clicks on the slide and drags it, but will not fire if the user clicks on an arbitrary location away from the slide.

I can provide a link to a live site for you to try out, but I don’t want to post directly to the forum.

I’ve place about providing link here: