Slider Link To Select Issue?

I have 18 sliders generated by a PHP ‘for’ loop. Each one is identical but all names are made unique via iteration index i.e. slider0, slider1, slider2 etc. This is the same for the select fields that each slider is liked to. The Min, Max, and Step of each slider and the option values for each slider are also set within the PHP code. All javascript references for each slider are correctly indexed as per above to refer to correct IDs etc.

The issue I am experiencing is that 7 of the 18 selects linked to the sliders are displaying a blank value when corresponding linked slider is on its far left Min setting. The select only displays the 2nd step thru to max value when the slider is moved - as soon as the slider is returned to Min point, the select displays a blank value. I have examined the generated page code and there appears to be no glitches in any slider, select or other names / IDs.

I can get the selects to be ‘zeroed’ at page load by having document.getElementById(“selectID”).selectedIndex=0 run in each script block but as soon as the slider is clicked at Minimum position, the linked select ‘blanks’ then changes with the slider value, only to return to blank display when slider returned to Min position…

Before I put up any code is there any known issue that will cause a linked select field to display a null value even though all of its fields are populated correctly and exactly match the linked slider range and step?

Could you provide us completed demo to reproduce ut? … leted_demo

Thanks Darya,

Bit pushed for time to produce the demo requested as last day in office and early finish today!I’ve found a work-around to the select display issue but will upload a demo to illustrate the issue as soon as I can.

Might be quicker to explain what I’m trying to achieve:

Multiple sliders each linked to their own select object. 2 groups of approx 8 sliders. When slider 1 of group A or B is moved (or its select object is changed) - the remaining sliders in that group and their selects need to be set dynamically to the same selectedIndex of slider 1. I need to access the equivalent of the ‘selectedIndex’ of each slider rather than slider value as each slider in group has different value scale but same number of steps.

Sounds complicated but if it was all just select objects it would be easy! One more complication is that not only do I need to set the other ‘group’ slider positions, I need to change the MIN/MAX of each and remove options from their selects… this is all achievable if I can get to grips with the ‘onChange’ event handling and whether one can get/set the slider equivalent of selectedIndex property i.e. 0 - 30(whatever).

Many thanks