Slider Not Visible

Hey All,

I’m trying to work with a slider control but it never shows. Its present and when I mouse over it (hunt until I find it) I’m able to grab and slide the control but I can’t see it. Anyone have an idea on what I’m missing.

Using IE8, Firefox 3.6.28


I’ve tried using one of the samples from the “Controlling Slider with API” page. The form controls appeared but the slider was not visible.
Currently I’m using the following:


Slider 10 /*these styles allows dhtmlxLayout to work in the Full Screen mode in different browsers correctly*/ html, body { width: 100%; height: 100%; margin: 0px; overflow: hidden; background-color:white; }

You specified the wrong way to the picture. In your case it should look as follows:

window.dhx_globalImgPath = "../codebase/imgs/";

Thanks. I hate when I make a bonehead move. Its working now.

Everything is all right :slight_smile: