Slider Not Working When HTML Button is Present in Same Panel

I am using the dhtmlxSlider. I also have a normal html button element below it. The button is not in the slider’s div, but a separate one below it. Both the slider div and the button div have the same parent element, an enclosing div representing a panel.

When the slider is in the panel div without the button it works fine. However, when both the slider and the button are in the enclosing div the slider will not work, although the button does.

I suspect there is some issue with the consumption of the mouse events but cannot figure it out by inspecting the code and execution in Firebug.

Has anyone else seen this and know how to resolve it. We must have both the slider and button.

Thanks in advance.


unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed.
If issue still occurs - please, provide any kind of sample to reconstruct the issue.