Slider: set value is working, but slider not visible

I have the dhtmlxSlider installed and used the object method to set up its properties. I can tell the JavaScript is all working fine. When I change the “value” property’s value, it has the desired effect. (I’m using it to set a timeout value). The only problem seem so to be that the slider simply isn’t showing up on the page.

I have placed a link to the css, common.js, and slider.js files in the head. The JavaScript files seem to be working as the slider object is within a larger function and the code is all running correctly. Testing shows the slider object is outputting the correct value. The page in question is at: [url][/url]. No PHP is being used so all the code and links to DHTMLX files for the slider are accessible.

Thx for any help, otherwise I’ll have to find another slider.