Slow after loading

In the PRO ver, I use the Layout with 7 Grids.

The two of the Grids have 10 columns and 300 rows total.

The other Grids are smaller with 3 columns and with an average of 50 rows.

To one of the grids I use the event onRowAdded, in order to Insert to the smaller grids and to perform a sort on them.

The loading of the Grigd performed with the use of mygrid.addRow!

Ok, it is a have duty thing. In the start is very fast and at the end very very slow.

After the job is finished, it is to much dificult to move the layout window, scroll, minimize, etc…

I don’t think the data loaded are so big to slowdown the Firefox.

Is there something else that makes it so heavy? Or is another way, to split perhaps the Grids, as to get faster?

Thanks in advance,


with the use of mygrid.addRow!
Using smart rendering and load instead of addRow can improve performance a lot ( you can use load from js array which is very similar to addRow in syntax )
Also, it possible to use startFastOperations and stopFastOperations before and after addRow calls ( beware it will disable onRowAdded event )

In case of JS array, how can I set row ID?




In case of loading from js-array - IDs are auto-generated, they are numbers from 1 to n ( first line in array will have ID 1 , second 2 , etc. )
If you need to define separate IDs, you may use loading from JSON, where ID defined separately. … oadingdata

So, I try the JSON format to load my Grid.


The rsponse text for one row from the calling php is:

var js={rows:[{ id: ‘00000329’,data:[‘P’,‘B’,‘A’,‘00000329’,‘260’,‘260’,‘0.92’,‘D’,‘CB00C’,‘O’]}]}
but I get the error:
syntax error

I remove var js and it is OK!