Slow icons loading

Hi all,

I have a grid with the last column containing a set of actions (image href ) represented by relative icons.

Each grid row has the same icons.

When I open a grid which contains many rows, I see that rows are displayed quite fastly but I can see that the images in this last column are being loaded very slowly, blocking the interface.

Looking with Firebug I see the load of each single image, doing so there are many html request for the same image slowing all.

I hope that my explanation was clear, if so is there a way to speed up this process?

Thanks in advance

Issue is not related to the component. IE has known issue with image caching , which may result in such problem. ( same image loaded multiple times from a server )

Issue can be fixed by correct cache headers configuration on the server side.

Also, it possible to replace img tags with div’s , which will have background-image style assigned. ( image caching bug will not affect such kind of images )


I’ve resolved replacing img with span having background image in style, in this way I gained several seconds in page loading.

However the problem was either in IE7 IE8 or Firefox.

I didn’t know that issue, thanks I’ll look it more in detail.

Best regards