Slow loading of big data set

so i am getting very slow loading with a test data set of 50 000 (would require much more later on , but your performance demo seems to cope with those numbers.), I have inspected your performance and big data demo and copied some of the configuration in order to try and get better loading speeds but i did not have any success. here I have attached images testing parse (put the 50 000 in the html file) and load functions.

using gantt.load()

here is my code :slight_smile:

<!DOCTYPE html>








    html, body{




      overflow: hidden;









    gantt.config.smart_rendering = true;

    gantt.config.smart_scales = true; 








  gantt.config.min_column_width = 30;

  gantt.config.scale_sheight = 60;


  gantt.config.subscales = [




  gantt.config.row_height = 22;

  gantt.config.static_background = true;

  gantt.config.start_date = new Date(2018, 0, 1);

  gantt.config.end_date = new Date(2019, 0, 1);






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