Slow rendering of images on treegrid

I have around 5,000 to 10,000 rows on my grid with five columns. The first column is my tree, while the rest of the columns has its own respective images on it. The size of the image is of the same size of the folder.gif image that you have on treegrid. It takes a while to show the images on the grid. Sometimes you have to sroll down inorder for the images to start loading.

I have the the professional licensed version of the treegrid v.1.6 build 80512


In case of IE, problem can be caused by bugs in IE6 image caching routines can cause slowdown or freezing while image loading.
The issue can’t be workarounded from javascript
If you are using inline IMG tags to render images, you can try to use divs with bg image instead - while IE renders such divs a bit slower, they will not have issues with image caching.