Slow response in dhtmlxgrid in client side IE8

I am developing a web based application where I have used dhtmlxgrid. My application requires the user inputs of around 20 fields and the rows in the JS Grid will increase as soon as users press enter key after one row. I could observe the response is getting slower and slower when the grid grows.
Attached the code which I have used for your reference.

Initially 25-30 rows, the response is much faster …but when the user proceeds the performance degrades. My user expectation is same response for 1st row or 100th row.
We are using IE8 browser. The issue is at client side. We have verified the response from server side and is really fast. The issue is at client side… Initially the response is fast …when we reach 30th row , navigating from one field to other field is taking more time… We have identified the data loading and populating the data in the grid is taking more time.
Need some assistance on this.

Unfortunately the performance of such grid cannot be increased.
The only way is to decrease the number of the columns in your grid.

The issue has been resolved by implementing the client side pagination. Currently my application is loading 10 records per page and has resolved the issue in the peformance. I am facing issue in implementing the search option. Some times I need to modify the entered details , for eg; on add option if I capture 100 records, this will be distributed to 10 pages. Now I need to go for the modification where I may not aware the required record in which page. Is there any option available in the grid to search for the particular record and cursor will move automatically to the respective page respective record. After modification I should be able to save the entire set of 100 records again.

Please, try to use #text_search: … earch.html