Small name plus description


Met pleasure I use the planner on .
However, With some events I would like to add some info, which is not needed to be shown as port of the eventname. Is it possible to have the scheduler only show the eventname and upon opening the event by doubleclicking or so that the entire text is shown? Maybe by using some tags or so?

This is mainly important for the upcoming events widget.


you have to configure event templates on “Templates” tab in admin panel.

Hello to all! i’m a new… and compliment for a great plugin for wordpress.
i have the same problem:

  • i insert a long event, people see and open it, the event it’s cut, appears only the first 249 caracters!!

sò if event is long 500 caracters… the plugin (3.0 with WP 3.3) cut after 251 caracters… why…!? HELP ME !!?

thanks to all

answer to your question is here:

thanks Radyno…
and sorry i reply the question…! :unamused:

i read it and reply…! thanks again :wink: