"Smart Render" give "Invalid Argument" error in IE

Hi All,

(Dhtmlx Suite v.2.5 build 91111 and IE8)

I have about 700000 records in a database table (DB is Oracle here). I have to show this table records to the user with the grid component (with the “Smart Render” feature). In IE, the grid component starts to give “Invalid Argument” error over 67200 records. Firefox does not give this error.

I suppose, the location of the error is “_update_fillers” function in dhtmlxgrid_srnd.js file.

You can test this situation, with all the “smart render” samples with raising the number of records to 68000. Eg: In 03_grid_dyn.html example, change the number of records from 2000 to 68000 in “dynload.php” file.


There is known issue with srnd and IE8 , when count of items are greater than 60k ( caused by new sizing limitation, introduced in IE8 )

There is a fix for this problem, which will be released as part of next build. If you need it ASAP - open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com