Smart render on oracle datasets

I’m using grid component and recently have faced the following problem.
When oracle returns recordset it is not known how much rows it contains until you fetch all of them. But the grid component needs to know exact numbers of rows. It waits for that value in returning xml-data. Something like

I tried to increase this value each time when new portion of data was sending to client, but it had no effect on grid, it still was thinking there were just 1000 rows in recordset as it remebered at first time loadXML method was invoked.
So, there is the question. How can i implement such approach?
The only method i see is to count rows number in select by fetching or quering something like
select count(*) from (
general select
But it’s decreasing performance.

In existing version, top limit can be changed only during grid configuration resetting , there is no any other way.

a) correct limit need to be set during first data loading
b) you can reconfigure grid ( clearAll(true), and full init after that ) when more data need to be shown

grid.rowsBuffer[new_max_count] = null; grid._reset_view();