smart rendering and Oracle

I’m trying to implement the dynamic smart rendering with oracle.
the equivalent for LIMIT is this:

SELECT * FROM (SELECT iwfid,service_label,ROWNUM r FROM (SELECT * FROM esb_events_service_calls) WHERE ROWNUM <= 100) WHERE r > 0
[hard code meantime…0-100)

now, I’m looping the results and produce xml for the grid.
the next step is place “total_count” and “pos” parmas.
when placing “total_count” with select count(*)… which is 12000 records, I immediately getting “locator js error”…
Also I didn’t understand how can I increment the pos and count values.
I know I should pass them in querystring but I cannot find any sample of incrementing the values.

Thanks in advance

You can try to use dhtmlxConnector on the server side. This library can help you simplify server side operation related DHTML components. This component has db wrapper which help you connecto to Oracle data base with mininum code. Please find more information here … ndex.shtml … d_oracle&s[]=oracle

i cannot see oracle support with .net version … (v0.9)

Current version of dhtmlxConnectors for .net doesn’t have dp wrappers to Oracle. This functionality is ready and will be added to the next version of dhtmlxConnectors. You can contact and we will provided you updated version