Smart Rendering and reaching the end of data

I’m using smart rendering and when I scroll to the bottom of the grid, calls are made to the server infinitely until I scroll back up. The xml structure coming back down from the grid is giving me a total_count of 500 (which is correct) but a posStart of 500. The call to the server shouldn’t be invoked with a posStart of 500 b/c my total grid row count is 500. Is there a fix for this?

Are you using custom skin or multiline mode?
The grid calculate its position based on fixed row height, and if you are using modified css with different row height or mutliline mode where height of row not fixed - it may cause similar results.

In case of custom row height situation can be fixed by

In case of multiline - it can’t be fixed in current version ( current version of grid doesn’t support combination of multiline and smart rendering modes )