Smart rendering documentation


I have a grid control which is working nicely, except that it only showed the first 100 rows in the underlying database table. My connector code included this statement:


which I’ve since commented out, and now the grid is showing all the rows in the table correctly.

My question is, exactly how do I implement the smart rendering feature, please? I used the documentation at this page:

… but is seems either incorrect or incomplete: I cannot see where the ‘posStart’ and ‘count’ parameters, which are mentioned briefly in the text, are actually used in the code sample.

Thank you for your help!

Please, make sure that your have defined “total_count” parameter in your xml.
Here you can find a step-by-step guide about creating the dynamic smart rendering in a dhtmlxGrid: … ep_by_step

Thanks, but the link you provided wasn’t entirely helpful. Steps three, four, and five contain broken links. I therefore can’t learn how to place the total_count parameter in the XML.

total_count parameter should be added to your xml manually. it indicates the total number of rows in your grid.

Thanks, but manually adding information to an automated XML feed doesn’t seem like a viable solution. I guess I’ll have to do without smart rendering.