Smart rendering for incomplete XML


when does the static smart rendering mode start rendering?

When XML is completely transfered or is possible to start rendering when first xml chunks arrived but xml isn’t received completely?

If it’s not possible we have two options:

  1. smart rendering (true) for loading complete xml but not rendering completely immediately (only displayed area)

  2. smart rendering (true, count) for sending multiple requests with small xml files instead of one big xml file


It can be done with Dynamic Smart Rendering. Please check tutorial here … ep_by_step

But for this we need to provide serverside logic for sending multiple small xml files.

Is it possible to load whole data in one request but start parsing before the data is completely received?

For exampe we have a 50MB XMl-File (one big xml, sent in one request/response) which needs 30sec to be transfered.
Is it possible to see any result before the 30seconds (when the closing xml tag isn’t received yet)?