smart rendering in Grid doesn't work wel with larger xml da

Hi there

I am trying out your Grid and would like to test grid_complexheader_content.html

Basically I need to see how it reacts on larger databases.

I have loaded a 400 record “database” and loads ok.

The thing is that when I try to type on the “filter field” it just locks IE. I need to close the IE window and start again

I have then included mygrid.enableSmartRendering(true); on the code below as I advised on other samples.

This makes the grid.xml data not to load (I end up with an emtpy Grdibox.

If I take out " mygrid.enableSmartRendering(true); " it works well again.

Is there something else I need to add to the code in order to make it work and so it stops locking IE?

Running the database from an sql server is currently not possible so I need to do all my testings based on .xml

I have not seen any comments in yout knowledge database that there is problems with larger .xml data, apart from getting the advise to use enablesmartrendering






            mygrid.loadXML(“grid.xml”, function()

I have loaded a 400 record “database” and loads ok.
The 400 rows dataset must be filtered pretty fast in both SRND and normal modes.
Which kind of filtering you are using? Is it built in filters of some kind of custom functionality which hide rows one by one.

In case of built in functionality - it will take less than second in SRND mode and 1-2 secs in normal mode to filter 400 rows