smart rendering server side sorting

I’m using the smart rendering feature of the grid which works great except I’m having a problem with server side sorting. The first set of data after performing a server side sort comes back fine. but when you scroll down on the grid to where it should request another set of data it simply does not. I know it’s not even requesting the page on the backend after the first set because i put in a line of code on the back end that inserts a row in the db each time it’s run. Here is my code for the onBeforeSorting event:

function doOnBeforeSortingAll(colIndex,gridObj,direction){

var URL = “WorkOrdersGrid.asp?request=all&orderBy=”+colIndex+"&direction="+direction;


grid.loadXML(URL, function(){



return false;


This first time this function fires it successfully requests and displays the first set of data. Scrolling down the page after this point no longer attempts to request data from the back end.

Check next two things

a) if url returns XML with head section - it will couse grid configuration reset, which can clear some grid settings ( using just a data feed here - is more stable solution )
b) please be sure that XML loaded second time contain correct rows@total_count value, if value is incorrect or skiped, grid will not know about total count of rows in grid , and may not cause sub-load operation while scrolling.

That did it, thanks! 

The problem was that on the first page request following a sort action I was sending the head and the rows, when all i needed was the rows.  thanks for your help