smart rendering, split mode on grid

I have a split grid. If i turn on smart rendering and load lots of rows the data in the split cols does not always load. it seems to be intermittent, loading data once every 3 or 4 rows. if i turn off smart rendering all works just fine.

Please be sure that each row has unique ID , and such id as “0” not used
If issue still occurs - please provide info - which version of dhtmlxgrid used?

below is a sample of the xml.  i am using the latest version:

Product Category# Products# Cases SoldSales$COGS$GP$GP$ % of SalesEarned Income$Adj. GP$Total ABC$True Profit$True Profit$ % of SalesTrue Profit$ % of Total ,6,971.00,835,966.26,$25,973,795.33,$21,453,777.83,$4,520,017.50,17.40%,$292,585.10,$4,812,602.60,$3,932,764.97,$879,837.62,3.39%,100.00%text-align:right,text-align:right,text-align:right,text-align:right,text-align:right,text-align:right,text-align:right,text-align:right,text-align:right,text-align:right,text-align:right,text-align:right,text-align:right3

Provided data works correctly with latest version of grid, working sample sent by email.

what do you get with the attached file?  seems like Firefox handles things better than IE.  IE is a real problem.  Also if you scroll down slowly it loads each page fine.  but if you scroll down quickly it causes the data to not show in the split columns (705 KB)

Latest versions of dhtmlxgrid_spllt.js and dhtmlxgrid_srnd.js sent by email, please try to use them instead of original one.

that fixed it , thank you!