Smart Rendering with dynamic loading

I have a problem using smart rendering with dynamic loading.

Using 1000 rows and a buffer of 50, if I try to go to the end of the grid …

it gets the data from the server but never display it into the grid.

It works only if I scroll down slowly and each time that new data is needed, it goes to the server to get it

any suggestions?

Unfortunately problem can’t be reconstructed with local samples.
Please check the next

- do you use default row height or modified , if default row height was changed you need to specify it
before loading data.

- please check that server side code returns correct pos attribute for each request ( you can use attached file instead of original common to track all request| responses )

If problem still occurs for you - please contact us directly ( ) and provide your ref number, I will send the latest code, which has some fixes not directly related to your issue, but still may improve situation.