smartRefreshItem and deleted nodes


I use the function smartRefreshItem to update my tree due to modifcations base. When new nodes appear, I have no problem. However, if old nodes are removed from the base, a call to dataprocessor is done for each node with the !Nativeeditor_status deleted. (nodes are crossed in the tree)
This call is unnecessary because the components are already removed from the database. I just wish they disappear from the tree.

I tried this method:

var old=tree_dp.setUpdated; tree_dp.setUpdated=function(){}; tree.smartRefreshItem(0); setTimeout(function(){ tree_dp.setUpdated=old; },2000);

but it does not seem to work. How could I do?

Thank you


try to call tree_dp.setUpdated=old; on loading end:
var old=tree_dp.setUpdated;
/should be set only once/
tree_dp.setUpdated = old;