smartRendering and passing server errors

For the dhtmlx grid we have implemented an xml data provider based on the samples which basically works fine. If the user tries to scroll, smart rendering issues a call against this data provider, even if the server session is expired. In this situation, we need to pass an error back instead of records.
How can an error (“currently not logged in”) passed back to the client?

A <action typer=“error” … block doesn’t work (Wrong XML).

Passing a block like <action type=“error” … ends in an infinite loop of the smart rendering, issuing ongoing calls to the server with the same pos and count parameters.

You can use dhtmlxError object to catch incorrect XML which you can pass if session expired. … r_response

Yepp, that will do it, Thanks a lot!

Meanwhile we just pass an empty row and a total_count of one back, filling up all columns with a “not logged in” message. Strange, but works.