SmartRendering and sorting

Hi Support,

I used to have a scrolling issue on a thousand of records with SmartRendering set to TRUE. The issue was, whenever I scroll on the grid there are empty gaps between rows that takes time to load or none at all. This has been resolved with the dhtmlxgrid_srnd.js that was emailed to me.

Unfortunately, i am experiencing the same issue again after performing a sort operation. There are empty gaps between rows during scrolling. There are also instances when a grid with 10 rows on it will only display one row after performing sort.

Above issues does not occur when SmartRendering is off.

I am a professional version user and I lost track of what version of dhtmlx I am now using since my existing dhtmlxGrid js files were replaced by the ones that you provided thru email and the only indication is a build number and not the version number.

Please advise.



Please contact us directly at and provide last version of dhtmlxgrid_srnd.js which was sent to you.

Emailed the js file to the address mentioned above.

Please note that I am using enableMultiline(true) and smart rendering for my grid.


If you are using “enableMultiline(true)” problem can be caused by using the dynamic element in content ( such as images )
Because size of dyn. content not specified and can be changed when such content loaded - the grid may not be able to calculate visible area size correctly.