Smartrendering extension


I use the smart rendering extension and when I scroll to last task, there is a small shift between the grid ans the tasks.

It also happens in the sample … ering.html

How can I correct this ?



shift between the grid and the tasks depends on tasks start time.
You can change it, if you want to change shift.

In fact, it is a vertical shift between the grid and the tasks.

I join a screenshot from the demo.

Have you an idea how i can correct this ?

Can you help me on this subject ?

we’ve confirmed a bug, however currently there is no ready fix.
Hopefully, it will be ready by the end of next week

Thanks a lot.

Do you have succeeded to fix this bug ? If yes, where can i get the fix ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Also waiting for this fix!

Sorry for big delay.
We are working on fixing this bug. When the updating is ready, we’ll reply you.

we’ve fixed this bug in our dev version. Please PM me your license number or open a ticket in our support system if you need the latest build