SmartXMLParsing / Dynamic loading search

We are currently using your professional tree control with dynamic loading. The problem I’m encountering is the need to search / select sub-items that have not yet been loaded. I realize that SmartXMLParsing can be used to provide all data to the tree up-front for searching while maintaining performance, however we still need the ability to refresh portions of the tree as the data is modified. So my questions:

Can the tree be instructed to select a deep subitem that is not loaded (root->level1->level2->item), and it will automatically drill down in (in this case it could take 3 XML requests to the server)?

Can SmartXMLParsing and dynamic loading be used in conjunction, allowing me to refreshItem and prompt the control to get fresh XML from the server?

In case of using dynamic loading, you don’t need to use Smart Parsing.

Grid is a client-side component (JavaScript), so it doesn’t provide server-side search. In case of using dynamic loading, the search should be carried out in the server. And then you should return the necessary xml from server.

But nodes can be refreshed without using dynamic loading. So you can use Smart Parsing and update items from server.

For example, there is smartRefreshBranch(item_id,xmlSource) which refreshes the whole branch (item and its children) from xmlSource.
If xmlSource is identical with the xml specified in the loadXML method, the whole tree will be updated. xml has the following format: