Smooth animation



I take dhtmlxTree in example but the suggestion is for all ui controls : smooth animation for having a confortable and pleasant way of using ui controls. It also does not distract the user and it’s easier for the eyes to follow what change on screen.

Example => all the demos there show how it behaves when we expand or collapse nodes.


Is it something that can be take into account ?


Currently, we have not plans to include in-tree animation in next version.


Could it be after the next one ? :slight_smile:


I like the idea about animation. Think about it!


Yes, as almost any modern library support this behaviour, Dhtmlx became one of the very few that don’t support it.


Hoping release 4 will have it


Maybe this could be considered now


Is smooth animation available now in DHTMLX Gantt on scale change and the project collapsed and expand?


Hello @Hajaj_Khan ,

Currently, the gantt doesn’t support such functionality. I sent a request to our dev team and they will consider it for future updates.
I will post any updates in this thread.


Thanks, @Siarhei I m waiting for this feature


Hello @Hajaj_Khan,

Unfortunately, there is no possibility of adding such a feature in close future, because of some fundamental details of the current gantt implementation.