Snapping to units.

Hi Guys, great job of 2.0, looks really good. The only problem I am having is getting the gantt snap to grid, seems to be re-rendering out of line, which in turn is causing the underlying project data to be incorrect. I wonder if it is a timezone issue, as I’ve noticed changing my computers clock, affects where the tasks snap to on the grid.

This issue can be seen in your first demo gantt (try time zone - Australia, AEST (+10:00) using Chrome: v30.0.1599.101 … _init.html

Perform and drag action on the tasks, and you’ll see them move out of line. Any chance you guys would be able to look into this? Anyone else having this problem?



I can’t reconstruct the same issue locally ( changing timezone to +10 doesn’t trigger the bug )
By any chance, does the same issue occurs for all dates or only for this specific range of dates ?
Also, which OS is used in the problematic case ?

Hi Stanislav

I’m running OSX Mavericks 10.9, I also have the same issue in Firefox v24.0. Although it works fine in Safari. See attached screen shot for above sample. The tasks are aligned correctly on initialisation, but once I try and move, resize or progress a task, the alignment renders incorrectly.

Many Thanks


hi Chrisw,

looking at other posts I saw a message stanislav … I tested this new js on my pc (had the same problem as u - GMT -3 Sao Paulo, Brazil), and now it’s all right …






Thanks @RicardoAlvarez I’ll give that a go :slight_smile:

@RicardoAlvarez, thanks for taking the time to post your findings, initial tests looks like it has resolved my issue too! :smiley:

I’m seeing this issue with the lastest version. After a task is moved or resized it snaps just right of the day column…like maybe 2px right of where it should be.

The two tasks in the attached pic were identical in start and duration. Then the bottom task was moved to illustrate the issue.