Social network


I did not find this subject in other topics. I’m looking for a product like dhtmlxScheduler. I wonder what license I need to use the software in a global social network.

You can use dhtmlxScheduler in your social network either under GNU GPL or purchase the commercial license, which will allow you to get official technical support for this component.

There are some details I do not understand in the license. My thought was to give users the ability to manage personal calendars in their profiles. All Calendar activity will take place on our site (domain). Might also mention that memberships are free. Is there a license for such use?

If you comply with the terms of GPL, you can use dhtmlxScheduler free of charge. Otherwise you should purchase a license. The Commercial license will be enough for one site (one domain name).


Thx… I will use the GNU GPL license first and purchase the commercial license later when I need to make change.