Solved - Bar content flickering

Hi there,

I am working on the pro version of your product and have implemented some custom content for the bar using the gantt.templates.task_text as per your documentation.

The problem is that the bar receives constant updates causing the icons to flicker.

Here is a gif portraying the issue (when the bars flicker alltogether it’s because i rerender the timeline).

and a snippet with more or less the code i use:

gantt.templates.task_text = function (start, end, task) {
    var curTargetTask = gantt.getTask(,
        taskText = task.text;

    if (curTargetTask && curTargetTask.hasUsers)
        taskText += "<div class='TimelineTaksUsers'>" + getUserIcon() + "</div>";

    taskText += "</div>";
    return taskText;

Hello Stratos,
Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce the issue:

Probably, the issue is related to Gantt configuration, but it is hard to suggest what might be wrong as I don’t see your code. Please, reproduce the issue in the snippet, then click on the “Share” button and send me the link:
Or send me an HTML file with all the necessary Javascript and CSS files.

Hi and thanks for answering.

It seems that the issue was that i basically had checked the “Disable Cache” option in my Dev Tools.
Now it works like a charm.