SOLVED Bug (?) in the resize column

IT IS SOLVED. I forgot to put some widht line.
Hi Team DHTMLX Gantt,
Currently I am using trial of Pro version, just wanna make sure everything is OK.
I have a problem, if I set the resize in the gantt.config.columns like this:

gantt.config.columns = [
        {name:"wbs", label:"No.", width:20, template:gantt.getWBSCode },
        {name:"text", label:"Task name", tree:true, width:70, resize: true },
        {name:"start_date", label:"Start",width:70, resize: true },
        {name:"end_date", label:"End", width:70, resize: true }, .... 

the most right of the column (not in grid where the bars are located), are not resize properly.
See attachment.
Am I doing it wrong?
I am using ultra wide 21:9 monitor

Halo Team DHTMLX Gantt,
Please disregard my email. it is because I forgot to put the width value in the most last column.
It is working as expected