SOLVED disable showing times of events

HI there

Thanks for the great free Joomla component! I love it and the school website I am using it on works perfectly with it.

There’s just one thing the school has asked for - they are a small school and don’t want the times of events showing (they have the default set to month view) as there is only ever one event on a day and having the time showing reduces the amount of detail showing for the event, in the Month View.

Can you please let me know if this is possible,


You can add the next line to the end of


scheduler.templates.event_bar_date:function(start,end,ev){ return ""; };

HI Stan (?)

Thanks for that, but it didn’t do anything.
I’m pasting in my last few lines to make sure I have done what you suggested:
return “”;

Please let me know if I have the syntax correct.

Many thanks.


Sorry , was a my typo ( copy-pasting from source code is a bad habit :confused: )

The correct one will look as

scheduler.templates.event_bar_date=function(start,end,ev){ return ""; };

: replaced with =
and you have missed ending };

Great! Thanks for that, works in test (local) so will make changes to live.

Thanks again

Hey Stan,

Is it possible to replace these hidden time details (times of events) in the monthview with the icon (of the yearview tooltip). This would look nice.


A like-to-know Question:
" How do you put the code in a special box? " :wink:

Is it possible to replace these hidden time details
You can return any html code ( including images ) from template instead of empty string - returned html will be rendered at start of event bar.

How do you put the code in a special box?
What do you mean by special box?
Most parts of UI is configurable through templates … _templates


I meant, when you place the code on the forum to help us (thank you, by the way) the code is in a special box with a “select all” option also :smiley:

What i did, i took the code from the YearView’s tooltip icon and tried to place it in the MonthView’s code … i came up with:

scheduler.templates.event_bar_date = function (start, end, ev) {
return "


but it doesn’t seem to work … and the event’s title disappeared also!!!

:slight_smile:, you can wrap your code as [code]

any code [/code]

As for template - css classes works only in case of correct nesting, you can update code for example as

scheduler.templates.event_bar_date = function (start, end, ev) { return "<div class='dhx_menu_icon icon_details' style='float:left;'>&nbsp;</div>"; };

In common case, using of icon_… styles can cause not expected side effects, because such icons may still trigger related functionality.